Saturday, September 24, 2011

Falling Apart!

I just discovered this past week that at age 23 your body starts to fall apart!  For the past little while I have noticed that my jaw will get a really tired feeling at radom times during the day and ache a little bit.  I had no idea why.  I know what some of you are thinking and it is not because of THAT you sickos!!  haha.
Anyway last weekend my jaw on the left side had a constant pain when I would open my mouth or even touch it.  Then I started feeling pain all down my neck and noticed a little bit of swelling.  I got pretty concerned so I went to the dentist to get checked out. What I heard him say was, "You have a dysfunctional face."  I was instantly confused.  But what he really said was that I have a jaw muscle dysfunciton and I am showing signs of TMJ.  I guess my jaw is out of alignment and my bite is off so it is now affecting my jaw muscles and chewing muscles.  I'm frustrated because I have no idea how this happened or when!  He sent me on my way with some muscle relaxers and told me to come back when the swelling went down and he would have to create a bite splint for me to wear so he can figure out where my teeth are off.  I instantly had an image of myself walking around with head gear lol.  Luckily that is not the case.  I might have had a break down. 
Well little did I know I was going to have an allergic reaction to the muscle relaxer.  It was probably the scariest thing that has happened to me.  I was acting like a weirdie on very powerful drugs.  I couldn't stand up without falling over, everything was like slow motion, my heart was racing so fast, I was on the verge of passing out, and my face was starting to swell even more on the left side. This lasted for about a half hour until I could really calm down.  Andrew being the sweet husband that he is gave me a blessing which helped a lot!  The next night I sat down to watch my recording of America's Next Top Model.  A few minutes later Andrew said, "Why are you watching this?  You watched the whole episode last night."  Apparently that drug erased some of my memory!  I have absolutely no recollection of watching it or anything I did for that matter after the reaction stopped.  So weird!
Luckily the reaction didn't do anything serious.  I just look like I gained five pounds in my face and I have a small tumor like feeling bump over my left jaw.  The doctor just said to never take that medicine again and to take an anti inflammatory and keep ice on my face so the swelling goes down.  He also said I would have a sore throat because of the reaction. Not fun!  
Its been a rough few days.  I think the most disappointing part is that I found out today my jaw does not appreciate chocolate marshmallow mateys.  It so hard to chew!! I am restricted to soft foods for now and as little chewing as possible.  Ay yi yi.  I have no idea how long it will take to correct this dysfunction but I am really hoping that none of my other body parts decide to fail me right now.    

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pics of Summer

Just for fun I want to add some pictures from events that happened this summer. Boy were we busy!! Of course we didn't capture a lot of it on camera but here are some fun ones.
 (and ps I just learned how to add a slideshow!  It is a slideshow of our wedding and it is under the 'proposal' post.) 

One of my best friends from high school got married this June.  It was a beautiful wedding!  These are my high school besties!  Love you guys!

My "twin" cousin got married in June as well!  It was so fun to be a part of!  Love you Jen and Brett!

At the end of June Andrew's brother Tim came home from his mission in Switzerland.  Andrew and I made this sign for him.. and we figured out the french is backwards when Tim started laughing. haha!

My sister being the Vegas lover that she is, decided to throw a Vegas themed party.  Everyone dressed up in Vegas attire, we had a nice dinner, and played a lot of poker.  It was really fun! Our King and Queen card costumes were the bomb!  and cost one dollar each!

And in July, you guessed it another wedding!  My oldest sister Melanie got married. I am no longer the only married sibling in my family.  Its so fun to have our family getting bigger.

We hiked up to donut falls.  It was a super fun date complete with a picnic right next to the water. 

Thank you summer for loads of fun!  I will miss you greatly!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

New Things

Summer is coming to an end sadly!  Its been full of camping, weddings, and moving.  Hopefully I can have pics up soon.  School is back in session and it's back to a very busy schedule and not being able to see my husband much. It will all be worth it one day! Andrew has about two more years left of school and I probably have about that much left too depending on what I decide to do with my life.  I really just want to be a stay at home mom but also want some type of degree to fall back on and just to feel like I accomplished something and also to be able to go back to once my kids are in school all day.  So since the stay at home mom part isn't quite in progress yet, I will try to love night classes.

We are officially moved into our apartment and really loving it!  We love the area, and our neighbors (minus the smokers).  It is literally about 5 minutes from both of our works so it is lovely to go home for lunch and take a nap or watch tv.  It is also close to trax which is great for Andrew since he has transferred to the U.  I even have some cute decorations up!  I know I previously posted about a great couch find..well listen to this!  Over labor day we decided we were going to try and find the matching love seat for our sofa.  So we went to another location of Knights Furniture and as soon as we walked in we saw it!  I made sure to ask the sales associate if the couch color was mocha because that is the color we currently have, and he said yes it was.  I was so excited it was so easy to find! They were selling the sofa and love seat together for a great deal.  We asked them if we could just buy the love seat and they weren't too keen on splitting up the pair but after Andrew's great negogtiating we walked out with an awesome deal on the love seat.  Once Andrew and his brother got it into our apartment he called me and told me that the new love seat is in fact a whole shade darker than our sofa.  I couldn't believe it!! So we decided to go back to the furniture store and found out the color of the love seat was actually cocoa not mocha!! So we ended up buying the matching cocoa sofa and now we are trying to sell the mocha couch.  Good riddance!  I didn't know furniture shopping could be so stressful. 

We will also be switching wards soon.  I am so sad to leave our little primary class.  The kids absolutely adore Andrew it is really the cutest thing ever.  He handles it all so well and I don't know what I would if I had to be in there without him.  Teaching this class has taught me that I need to be more diligent with my scripture study.  One time while I was teaching a cute little boy made a comment and I had to whisper to Andrew, "is that true?"  haha!  It wasn't a true comment, but I would have believed it!  I am really going to miss them!!