Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Crazy Moments!

What a week! The last week has been full of crazy moments.  I have experienced a funny embarrassing moment, a blond moment and a sad moment.  Here are the stories in order:

I went to my brother in law Nick's seminary graduation with my mother in law Wendy.  We were sitting on the very back bench in the chapel closest to the door. The outside door that was near us was locked and some people had tried to get in so Wendy ran out and opened the door for them.  About five minutes later, during the opening hymn another couple had come up to the locked door and were knocking on the glass so someone would hear them.  So I tell Wendy Its my turn I'll get up and get the door.  That day I had chosen to wear my super cute hot pink heels that are a size too big.  I wore them at my wedding even and I love them! But everytime I wear them I have to stuff them with loads of toilet paper. So I go to open the door and I try to run so they'll stop knocking, but it turned out to be more of a fast shuffle and my left foot almost slid out of my shoe and totally threw off my balance.  To keep from face planting I start hopping on one foot while trying to keep my shoe on and not trip. I looked ridiculous! Wendy glanced up and saw the last hop and the very embarrassed expression on my face and immediately started laughing which made me laugh and we laughed uncontrollably all the way through the prayer.  Little did I know there was a lady sitting out in the foyer on the chair and she grabbed the door while watching everything I did.  Wendy tried to make me feel better by telling me  no one saw it, but the lady in the foyer saw and a family on the back row were giggling when I walked back in.  It was hilarious! And Nick is glad that I'm not blood related to him.

The blond moment happened yesterday as I was trying to make cupcakes.  Andrew's aunt gave me a cookbook filled with 101 cupcake recipes and I was so excited to test it out.  I pulled them out of the oven and they looked good until the middle caved in and left a big hole in each one. I read over the recipe ten times trying to understand what I did wrong.  Finally we figured out that the recipe called for a brownie mix and I used a cake mix! I was also trying to make some chocolate ganache to top them off and the recipe called for one cup of whipping cream and I used the whole pint!  I should really learn to read and continue taking notes during cake boss and cupcake wars. Although they didn't work out at all they still taste delicious. 

The sad moment is a story I learned this morning at 6:45 am.  My sister text me telling me that she spent the last four hours in the emergency room.  She woke up with a severe pain on her right side.  It hurt to sit, stand, lay down.. everything, so my parents took her to the hospital.  They thought it was appendicitis, but after a cat scan they found out she has a kidney infection and a large kidney stone. ouch!  They drugged her up on morphine and she just has to wait for the blasted thing to pass. I feel so bad for her!  I told her the cause was probably the sky coaster at lagoon that she did on saturday haha. The last time I went to lagoon I walked out of there feeling extremely sick, my sister walked out with a kidney stone. She let me blog about her in hopes of receiving lots of presents and friends jk lets pray for her!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Puerto Rico!

Very early Thursday:
After a midnight flight to New York, Jenny's birthday celebration in the airport with Dunkin Donuts, another flight to Puerto Rico two hours later, getting on the wrong bus, an hour wait for the right bus, 75 cents later and no sleep.. we finally arrived at the Sandy Beach Hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico!  Funny side note: I just found out that Sami and Reagan were staying at a hotel just down the street from us.  And we were even on the same beach but never saw each other!  So funny!
The first day of adventure included snorkeling and boogie boarding.  Although Andrew's board aka wave shield bust in half we had a great time! It was kind of a restful day as we were all suffering from crazy jet lag.  But I will never complain to napping on an amazingly beautiful beach.

We took a bus to Old San Juan and spent the day walking through the old city and the huge fort that is there.  We somehow all forgot to put on sunscreen and didn't bring any along with us that day so that would definitely explain why we all started looking like lobsters and felt as though all of our skin was frying off.  Anyhow the city was fun to look at.  All of the houses and buildings are yellow, orange, blue, pink and green.  I absolutely loved it!  They have a ridiculous amount of parks everywhere.  And we even found an abandoned/broken kite and repaired it and got it flying.  We also happened to see Santa walking around.  He said he was on vacation, but he still gave us candy canes!

The boys (Andrew and Shaun) got up early to go rent a car for the day while Jenny and I soaked up some sun on the beach.  As if we didn't get enough the day before. The next thing we know Andrew calls and says there has been a change of plans and to grab all of our water toys and meet them at this hotel five minutes down the road.  So we spent the day swimming in their awesome pool complete with a water slide and dominated in water volleyball against some rich folks who actually were guests. Then we snorkeled some more on the beach.  On the way home the boys discovered a casino and it was nearly impossible to drag them away from the roulette table.  Although it was kind of fun to sit there and watch people drop $600 and lose it all, then head to the atm for more.  While here we are playing $20 and feeling rather guilty and knowing we probably won't be eating for the next two days.  

We were able to rent a car and go to a rainforest.  It was beautiful!  We did a 40 min. hike to this big waterfall.  Andrew and I didn't get in because it was freezing.  I love to look at water but not so much play in it.  It turned out to be a nice romantic relaxing spot anyway.  Afterwards we went to a nearby beach.  We walked around that area for probably 45 min. trying to find a place to eat that was a) open and b) not some nasty overpriced sea food.  Luckily we found a pizza shop.  Granted it was sunday, but its not utah and almost everything there was either closed or shut down.  And honestly you couldn't really tell the difference between a place that was shut down and a place that was open.. it was all kind of ghetto.  And you can probably guess that we headed to the casino that night as well.  If any of you know my husband you know that gambling is one of his favorite past times.  And since we had to leave for the aiport at 4:30 am the boys stayed up all night, while Jenny and I packed the bags and slept for maybe an hour.

It was time to head home from the amazingly warm, beautiful island. We got back to New York pretty early so we spent the day walking around and ate an amazing much needed meal in Little Italy.  The funniest part about this day is that our flight left at 8:30 pm and we almost missed it! It was the only flight that day from NYC to SLC. So Andrew noticed that the screen said New Orleans.  He asked the lady at the desk where this flight was going.  She responded New Orleans, and the pilot standing there said Houston, and our boarding pass said this gate was going to Salt Lake.  After a few moments of confusion we literally took off running down a few gates and onto the plane.  It was a close call!! And now we're back home feeling rather cold, hoping our burns which have finally stopped peeling and are somewhat tan don't fade, missing the very blue ocean and nice beach, Mike's Pizza, roulette tables two minutes away, a whole lot of spanish I never understood, and crazy bus rides.

Friday, May 20, 2011

25 Fun Facts About Andrew

1. Andrew hates surprises!
2. He is very addicted to addictinggames.com and rollercoaster tycoon.
3. His favorite NBA teams are the Jazz and the Celtics
4. He plays the guitar, drums, piano, harmonica.. basically anything he wants, he's very musically talented.
5. He has a dream to turn our future basement into a recording studio.
6. He took golf lessons when he was younger and loves to golf whenever he can.
7. He absolutely loves playing and watching basketball. He watches every NBA game he can.
8. He speaks spanish fluently.
9. He spent a month in Mexico teaching english.
10. He served his mission in Honduras.
11. He used to be in a band and he was the singer.
12. He is a licensed scuba diver.
13. He loves to read! He particularly loves the Enders Game series and he is trying to start his own library in our house.
14. His favorite type of food is italian, but will eat anything if he can put mayo on it.
15. He has the whole Chris Farley show memorized.
16. He is ridiculously good at Monopoly. He gets lucky but he has mad skills no one understands.
17. He is very shy when meeting new people.
18. He has visited 30 states and 3 countries.
19. He was in a street hockey league when he was younger and is currently in a roller hockey league with some friends.
20. He loves to ice skate.
21. He is the oldest of four boys.
22. He never chews gum for over 20 min.
23. He was born with a small patch of blonde hair on the back of his head.  Its looks like an upside down nike sign.
24. He has revisited his mission area.
25. He loves loves loves ice cream and eats cake in a bowl drenched in milk.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

25 Fun facts about Lindsey:

1. I am obsessed with cupcakes and cupcake wars. 
2. Lunch food of choice: pb and j with cheeto puffs. 
3. I am a huge Dr. Pepper lover! its not just a love its a very strong addiction.
4. I will be a subscriber to US Weekly for the rest of my life.
5. Halloween is my favorite holiday. 
6. I haven't seen my natural hair color since the 7th grade.
7. I can't sleep unless I am completely covered by a blanket or two.
8. I live for reality TV.  I am very much addicted!
9. I love the Harry Potter books and movies.  Ron Weasly is my favorite character. 
10. Easter has fallen on my birthday twice in my life.
11. I was once an extra in a disney movie called Going To the Mat. I was a cheerleader.. naturally.
12. When I was a junior I broke my arm doing a back handspring during cheer practice.  Note to self: Even spotters can't help people like me with gymnastics.
13. I will cry if I see someone crying.
14. I still have a dream to work at a sno-shack.  Sno cones are the bomb!
15. I have three sisters and 1 brother.
16. I am guilty of snorting when I laugh really hard.
17. I have been sky diving.
18. I am secrectly a decent artist. I like to draw for fun.
19. Mario Kart and Mario Party will always be my favorite video games.  And I am always DK.
20. I love watching Malcolm in the Middle and Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
21. I love love love to craft!
22. I could live off of Olive Garden breadsticks.. or any bread for that matter.
23. I am extremely indecisive.
24. I hate body hair! ew!
25. I think the best food ever invented is cereal.