Sunday, December 4, 2011

Go Grizzlies!

About two weeks ago I was just getting off of work and called Andrew to tell him I was going home for the day.  He said to me, "we are going somewhere at 7, but its a surprise, I'll be home soon."  Suddenly my brain is going wild with ideas of what surprise he has come up with.  He can get some pretty mischevious ideas so I had no idea what to expect!  Once he and his brother Chase walked in to my house he told me that my surprise was season tickets to the Grizzlies hockey games.  I was so surprised and very happy!  A full season of seeing guys beat the crap out of each other?! don't mind if I do! I was even more happy when he told me they were only $50 since we are students.  Finally college paid off for something! Andrew has always been a huge hockey lover and I used to go to games with my best friend growing up and I truly grew a love for the sport and the fighting mostly, lets face it is really entertaining. 
So we picked up Andrew's other brother Tim and headed off to the game.  The awesome lady at the ticket counter gave us front row!  I literally hadn't even sat down yet and a fight happened directly in front of my face.  I have never experienced it so close.  I think I gasped.  After the fight was over, there was a big wet thing running down the glass, I immediately became physically ill because the guy sitting next to me said it was snot.  I'm gagging just thinking about it.  The rest of the game I found myself ducking as the puck would fly and hit the glass in front of us.  I swear its going to break through one day, it is insane to see that thing flying a million miles an hour right at your face.  I also found myself staring in awe and laughing at Andrew as he screamed and banged on the glass non stop at our opponents.  At one point, one of the security guards came up to him and told him there was a report that he was yelling profanities and would he please stop. lol!! If you know Andrew you know he doesn't swear. ever. I've literally only heard him swear once in my life at Target, which made my whole day.
Yes that was just the first game's experience.

During the first intermission of the game they bring out a couple of cars and have a few people shoot the puck from center court.  If you make it through the very small hole in the piece of cardboard covering the goal, then you win the car!  So Andrew and Tim went and signed up at the Nissan dealership the next day so they would have the chance to shoot the puck.  Before the game they went to the Murray ice rink and practiced shooting.  They were very serious about this.   After the first period they trotted out on the ice in helmets and sticks in hand.  I had a very nice image of Andrew and I driving away in a brand new completely free Nissan Altima.  So Andrew waltzed to the center of the rink, tapped his stick on the ice and stared down the target.  He swung back the stick, sent the puck flying................ and missed wide right, by like a mile. haha!  Dream shattered.  
Tim shot next and got really close but missed as well.  They each got a puck as a souvenier afterwards. Maybe next time boys!

I have to thank my husband for the sweet gift.  He always has a surprise up his sleeve and these games will definitely make for fun date nights!