Saturday, February 25, 2012

2 Years!

Two years ago Feb 24 I made the best decision of my life.  I married the most amazing person I've ever known!
I have never laughed so hard, cared for someone so much, or felt so much happiness than I have the past two years.  Every day is an adventure and I wouldn't trade a single one.
I love Andrew because...
he is my rock when I am breaking down
he is almost always the first to apologize
he always makes sure I'm taken care of and happy before he thinks of himself
I love him because...
he has stood by me through every good and bad day
He has a way of knowing just the right thing to say and a way of finding humor in everything
I love him because...
He always has a surprise up his sleeve
He listens to me
He appreciates me
I love his musical talent
His passionate and caring heart
and his spirituality
I fall in love with him again every day
Happy two years and eternity to go!!!!