Saturday, July 13, 2013

A week late but worth the wait!

Yep still pregnant! My dr has been calling this baby stubborn ever since I was 8 weeks pregnant. I should have known he would be exactly like his father :) Because of those stubborn genes I get the joy of being pregnant for 41 weeks by the time I actually have him. I like to look at it as my superhero moment in life. At least I know my baby has a sense of humor as well. I'm convinced this is my punishment for Joking the entire pregnancy that my labor and delivery story..ahem nightmare, would go like this:
I would be alone somewhere miles away from the hospital when my water breaks. Andrew would either be in the middle of a test at school, unreachable at work, his phone would be dead, or he'd be so focused on his game of mushroom wars with his phone nowhere in hearing distance right when I need him most. Naturally I would have to drive myself to the hospital only to have my car break down or run out of gas, and I would have to walk barefoot (because my shoes don't fit) in the down pour that just started. I would reach the hospital and Andrew would show up after its all over.
At least my son has made sure that my labor would be scheduled for induction on a nice Sunday summer evening when there is no class, tests, work, or anything to do at all besides patiently wait around all day together. If anything, he scored me an extra awesome push present from his father. And maybe he truly did have his mommas back and just knew I would feel a lot better with a plan and time to get everything organized.
Although I might be an anxiety attack waiting to happen tomorrow, if 41 weeks is what my little prince needed to be perfectly healthy and happy then I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. Now on to enjoying my last weekend of freedom as I know it!

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