Sunday, March 10, 2013

Life moves so fast

Has it really been three years??  On Feb 24 we celebrated our 3 year anniversary.  it was a low key celebration, but that's what happens when you get married in the middle of the semester and your wife is 4 months pregnant. In those 3 years we have traveled a ton, bought a house and a puppy, have a baby on the way, and experienced more happiness and love than I could have ever imagined! I really couldn't ask for a better life or a better husband.
A week later my little Roman turned 1! He's no longer the little puppy that would have to stop and take a rest on the way to the mailbox, or afraid to jump off of anything higher than 5 inches. He has now graduated to being able to run a marathon, eat everything in sight, steal clothes, shoes, keys, wallets etc just to watch me waddle around in confusion. But he is very protective of me and really a sweetheart. Oh how I love my little fluff ball!
And on top of all of that I just barely turned a quarter of a century/halfway to 50. It was probably the greatest bday I've had yet. I think I'll turn 25 every year from now on :)

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